Dare to be different
BY Sueann Brown Observer TEENage writer EXED

'Dare to be different and express yourself': this is the mantra that 15-year-old new designer Jeannie Beck remembers her mother drilling into her from she was a child.


Jeannie 'Didi' Beck poses with her mother and muse Jeannie Beck.

"She always told me never to follow the crowd, be myself and an individual," Jeannie recalls. Being born to an artist and band player, she was never far from creative spirits. The young designer, who prefers to be called Didi, has been creating and recreating things from the tender age of 5.
"My mom used to make things all the time and I used to find ways to make them unique by adding a bow or beads." She recalled while sitting with TEENage that her first piece was a mermaid dress made from her mother's curtains.

Last Updated ( Friday, 06 July 2007 )
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