The 2020 Inductees to the Hall of Fame are

Senator, The Hon Kamina Johnson Smith

Mr Greg Christie

Mr Andrew Mahfood.

Join us as we honour them at the 10th Hall of Fame Dinner

February 21, 2020 at the Spanish Court Hotel in Kingston.




Angel Aloma

Nigel Sutton



Dr Damien King

Joseph Matalon



Robert Hew

Yolande E. Chan



Gordon Webster

Christopher Dehring

Iona Wynter Parks

Dr Michael Taylor

Ricardo Jenez

Peter Bunting

Mark Golding

Christine McDonald-Nevers

Patrick Casserly

Ingrid Mangatal-Munroe



Chris Zacca

Paul Hoo

Dr. Sean Ramprashad

David Summerbell



Dr Howard Cooke

Peter Espeut

Kathryn Stewart

Joey Issa

Dr Natalie Dickson

Chris Issa

Wayne Burrowes



Karen McDonald-Gayle

Robert Richards

Kevin Hendrickson

Leighton Wilson



Dr Anthony Lai

Louis Williams

Roderick Fong-Yee

Gillian Russell

Ian Gooding



William Shagoury

Cathi Levy

Dr Michael Lee

Andrew Phillips

Celebrating Success

Hall of Fame Inductees

Celebrating Success

Hall of Fame Dinner

The Campion College Hall of Fame was introduced in 1998 by the Campion College Alumni Association (CCAA). The event was created as a way to celebrate the achievements of past Campionites and as a fundraising effort by the Alumni Association as part of their ongoing efforts in assisting the school. Any member of the alumni can be nominated by any past student of Campion College. The nominations are reviewed by a panel which includes members of the Association’s executive board and senior representatives of the school.

This 10th Hall of Fame Dinner will be held on Friday,  February 21 at the Spanish Court Worthington building. 

The Alumni will be inducting Mr Greg Christie and Mr Andrew Mahfood and Senator, The Hon. Kamina Johnson Smith.

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