Investing In Our Students


The scholarship is needs based, and awarded in collaboration with the school’s guidance to two 6th form students that struggle to make ends meet. Due to the nature of the scholarship, the recipients remain anonymous.

Each scholarship covers a year of tuition which amounts to $75,000 for all three terms. Two students are awarded this, one in 6A and one in 6B. The last scholarship funds were handed over on June 19, at the Sixth Form School Leaving Ceremony.

The Campion College Alumni Association is working towards establishing an endowment fund that will be able to sustain and increase the current level of academic scholarship support that has been granted to those who need it. In 2017 alone, scholarship donations from the Association to past and present students amounted to over JMD$900,000 or US$6,350. The target of a fund valued at US$150,000 will be able to guarantee this level of support for years to come.

The Campion College Alumni Association invites alumni and others to support the best and brightest of our country as they take advantage of the best educational opportunities.